According to the survey conducted by the online dating site, OkCupid of more than 400 thousand members of its site, approximately 62% of women enjoys hard or rough sex.

Last long. Please her for longer...

According to researcher Nicole Prause, being bitten, scratched or spanking increases blood pressure and heart rate as a response to pain. Still, when this happens during sex, some people interpret it as excitement.

A survey by Men'sHealth reveals that 62% of women like to be pulled by the hair and 60% like their partner to take control.

Rough men drive women crazy, you wonder why, but bad boys in bed many-a-time, do the trick. Women like to explore unimaginable sex roads, so they prefer that their men be dominant in bed.

What makes some women love rough sex?

The first thing to think about is that sexual relations and sexuality, in general, are natural. During the act, we are in a primitive, sublime and vulnerable moment in which we must enjoy. It is also true that although we advance by leaps and bounds, society judges a woman much more than a man in terms of sex.

And rough sex is the one that goes beyond the conventional, socially accepted terms and in which practices such as anal sex would come into play. Hence, women refrain openly talking about sex because the world is very varied, and no one would like to feel pointed out.

What do some women consider as rough sex?

Sex that goes beyond the conventional, of the socially accepted practices which sanction acts such as anal sex. From that awkward posture against the headboard to the tying, hair-pulling, or strangulation drills- there is a wide strip for experimentation. To be precise, sex without 'mimitos'. The one that means the male partner is quite close to the wild or too passionate. Maybe even with some violence, but without getting hurt.

What are some differences between rough sex and BDSM?

The second one, which is BDSM is more 'labelled', and the first one is freer and less prepared, it can increase in level on the fly, without having it planned. In that sense, it can be more molar. While BDSM includes specific clothing and fantasy, rough sex is more improvised.

BDSM is more of role-playing of master/slave, which sometimes may be 'dangerous', for which partners must agree upon a limit. So, if you now think about being rude to your partner in bed, remember that the intimate act is for two people. Therefore, you should know if your partner is interested in experiencing rough intimacy.