According to a study by done on more than nine thousand men between 30 to 50 years of age to analyse various fertility defects, it was found that the semen of the unhealthy men were far more inferior in quality than the men with normal to fit body. They concluded that men with low-quality sperm (wrong concentration, shape, volume, motility) suffered from various diseases like endocrine disorders, hypertension, skin disease and other heart health.

So, what does your semen health tells you about your heart?

To understand this, we must first understand the anatomy of sperm. Semen is a vital nutrient produced by our body for the regeneration of our own body and for creating new life.

Sperm or spermatozoa are produced in our body by the process of spermiogenesis. However, Ayurveda has a very holistic approach to sperm regeneration. Sapta Dhatu or seven tissues which Ayurveda has termed our vital nutrients are as follows that comes out of the food which we eat. They are - Food, Chyle, Blood, Flesh, Fat, Bone, Bone marrow, Sperm.

Ayurveda has mentioned about the connection between healthy sperm and healthy body and how to retain this elixir of life. The modern-day science has a different explanation altogether, but it is undeniably true that semen is formed inside our body by what is present inside our body. Sperm count varies from twenty million to a hundred million, with each millilitre of ejaculation.

A healthy man can ejaculate somewhere from 1.5 ml to 5 ml of healthy sperm. Our body tends to create sperm every day; however, to achieve the full regeneration cycle, our body requires almost two months. The only condition of replenishing is a healthy lifestyle.

Guys who tend to masturbate regularly have a reduced concentration level, an attitude of procrastination, sluggish movements, lack of vigour and motivation, diminished sense of judgement, poor eyesight, unhealthy skin, unhealthy hairs and other such issues. So isn’t this sufficient to know how important it is to maintain sperm health by maintaining overall health?

Now let’s come back to the point where a healthy sperm can speak a lot about your body. Well, sperm health talks about both our healthy mind and body. If you have an unhealthy sperm quality, it indicates that you have a poor lifestyle and your heart health is also going to suffer.

In order to see changes in your body, specifically, heart and sperm, follow these tips -

  1. Stop masturbation with immediate effect. Save your semen for recreation and your body. You’ll start seeing the changes in your body within a couple of weeks. Your heart will also be able to function correctly.
  2. Start a healthy lifestyle. Start with a workout. Studies have proven that a healthy man who lifts weight for more than 4 hours a week has a better sperm quality than someone who is sedentary. Workouts pump more blood to and from the heart, making it healthier.
  3. Eat clean food. The lesser you eat junk, the lesser you’ll be junk. Clean nutrient-rich and organic food are the choices that healthy people make to have a healthy heart.
  4. Quit smoking and alcohol. It isn’t easy to quit bad habits, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You’ll start noticing the difference within a couple of weeks in your body.

You’ll start seeing results with the help of the points mentioned above within a week. Follow these and the quality of your sleep will be better. The brain will get rest and would function better and always stay motivated, vigorous, happy and focused. So, remember, that sperm is the elixir of life, and your healthy heart is the engine of your body. Stay healthy!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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