A long time ago, men and women who were dating or in a relationship used to be afraid to meet each other quite often and spend quality time together before marriage. One of the reasons behind the perceived fear was they were afraid to enter into a sexual relationship before marriage. In 2020, with the emergence of dating apps and social media sites, we can say many men and women have become fearless. Both are not afraid to engage in sexual acts before marriage in a committed relationship or even with a casual relationship.

Hookup culture and casual sex have become a trend these days. Everyone is doing it, so why not we?- is the thought process that gives rise to the high rates of casual sex that is taking over society as a whole. Casual sex has three different types: sex with no strings attached, sex with friends (with benefits), and sex with an ex. However, there is indeed a flip side to the coin. Casual sex is not that great and can impact your well-being, according to many reports.

Engaging in casual sexual activities can hamper your mental health and cause depression, anxiety, life dissatisfaction, emotional isolation, and low self-esteem. Unprotected sex with casual partners can also lead to HIV transmission, unplanned pregnancy, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Definitely, casual sex with multiple partners is dangerous to both men and women, claim many reports.

However, there are also some opinions supporting the idea of casual sex as a great way to learn and experience one's sexuality. Some believe that casual sex can lead to long-term relationships, while others think that casual sex is an excellent way to stay single and also be sexually active.

Here is my take: I don't think casual sex is right or wrong or for everyone. People who come with a strict upbringing and socially conservative families are likely to get attached to their partners emotionally as well as physically. For such people, sex is a form of love-making only with their partners after marriage. They struggle with casual sexual activity or physical intimacy with strangers or any random people, and hence, casual sex leaves a highly negative impact on their health. People who are entirely free with their sexuality and engage in hooking up to get physical pleasure look at non-intimate occasional sexual encounters as an adventurous way to connect with their prospective life partners. Probably, new hookups can be useful for their mental health. There is no ultimate rule for good sex life. It's upto each person's comfort zone with what they are doing sexually and how their sexual behaviour makes them feel. If you feel insecure with the idea of casual sex, then don't go for it. If you are aware of the pros and cons of casual sex and still want to go ahead, then it's your choice!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP