Yoga, an ancient Indian tradition, finds its roots in the oldest Vedic text, Rig Veda. It means "union" in Sanskrit. This union could be the union with your true self, with god, between your body and mind. In recent times, the practice of couple or partner yoga has gained significant popularity, and it focuses on the union of two individuals at mental, physical, and spiritual levels. It has a deep positive impact on the overall relationship of a couple.

Couple yoga creates a beautiful activity to create physical bonding while working together to achieve unified yoga poses. It is a style of yoga that focuses on connecting people, mainly couples, through their sense of touch. The physical contact stimulates intimacy and the emotional connection with your partner, thus increasing the dopamine release, a neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing the pleasure sensations. Loyola University Health System's Sexual Wellness Clinic in Chicago has incorporated a 90-minutes couple yoga session in their treatment regime as it boosts libido in women and improves their sexual response and also enhances sexual satisfaction and stamina in men. It is also quite effective in treating the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

Couple yoga promotes and strengthens sexual intimacy, but it is not a sexual activity in itself. It can be conveniently done with a partner with whom you are not sexually involved. It is a type of yoga performed by two people to synchronize their breathing, postures, and movements. It is also accompanied by meditation to give a soothing and calming experience to the couple. Regularly practising it helps in reducing the high blood pressure levels, improves cardiovascular health, and boost your metabolism. Yoga is highly beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, and in couple yoga, one gets the therapeutic benefits of the human touch too. According to a study published in Psychology Science, the mere holding of the hand of your spouse helps to fight the situations causing extreme stress. The power of touch experienced during couple yoga strengthens your bond with your partner and makes the overall experience intense and satisfying.

Regular practice of yoga creates mindfulness, which, according to Psychology Today, is "an attitude to living that helps you be more open, compassionate, and self-aware." A study published in the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 2016 has found a positive correlation between increased awareness and greater satisfaction in connections. It helps couples to save themselves from falling in the vicious trap of negative emotional reactivity and promotes better emotional regulation. Couple yoga is a revitalizing activity that builds trust, intimacy, and a better understanding of your partner. It allows you to uniquely explore each other while trying for perfection in various yoga poses; thus, creating a spark of sexual arousal inside you and your partner. It improves the overall quality of your relationship and also perks up the lost romantic attraction in your relationship.


There is no denying that a satisfying sexual life is a driving force to keep a relationship happy and vital. Trying something different from the routine like couple yoga brings freshness and adventure to your otherwise banal relationship. You can always add novelty to your yoga sessions by trying new poses by playing soothing music, trying different meditation techniques, or just by changing the location. While trying to sync your body movements and breath with your partner during your yoga session, you subtly sync your energies and thoughts, making your relationship wholesome and fulfilling.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP