A TripAdvisor survey, which puts the Czech Republic as the country with the highest number of bald men followed by Spain, Germany, France, the UK, and the US, also says Asian countries are the least bald. On the other hand, a recent Economic Times report says, ‘recent studies and statistics reveal Indian men now start dealing with the problem of thinning hair and baldness as early as in their 20s’.

In the past, doctors and dermatologists have maintained that 95 percent of male pattern hair loss is hereditary and is associated with genes and hormones. Other causes, as cited by these specialists, include protein and vitamin deficiency and stress. Moreover, another common reason for hair loss in men has been identified as iron and ferritin, i.e., stored iron, deficit.

Interestingly, recent researches have come up with the findings that hair loss in men has no direct relation with testosterone levels. These researches instead put the onus on the daily grooming routine of men, including how they take their showers. Quick showers are apparently the main culprit behind balding as they are found to escalate hair loss. On the other hand, to be patient and to find out time for a hair massage while taking a shower, especially before shampooing, is said to boost hair growth remarkably.

Misters! Do take note! It is time you prioritize your wellbeing to check hair loss. If you are experiencing a steady drop in hair volume, scalp massage can actually work wonder for you. That said, The International Journal of Neuroscience has also recently published a report which says, massaging the scalp can also considerably reduce stress level related hair loss or balding.

No more lassitude, make it a point to maintain a weekly hair massage routine. Follow the following routine while you are at it –

· Do the massaging for five to ten long minutes in a gentle yet firm manner while applying steady pressure, to see the best of results.

· Use both your hands and softly work on your scalp following a circular pattern movement. Start with the front hairline and slowly move back, downwards towards the nape of your neck.

· Replicate the exercise thrice or four times, after which, level your palms over the top of your head in a tender but sweeping move.

· For better outcomes, massage your head once or twice a week.

A caveat! Any random kind of scalp massage will not create any remarkable impact on your hair growth. To get top results, be mindful of what products you are using while doing the massage. The best one available in the market is a stimulating scalp mask.

That said, there are some other measures which, when taken during a shower, can be immensely beneficial. The days you are not massaging your scalp, think of applying a light-hair-oil before taking a bath. This goes a long way in decreasing hair loss. Secondly, never opt for a hot shower for your scalp, however much tempting it might seem. Hot showers invariably lead to hair loss as it greatly damages the scalp and weakens the hair follicles. It also makes the scalp dry and flaky.

While your shower techniques can potentially help you deal with hair loss, there is no alternative to a healthy and balanced diet, containing sufficient iron, vitamins, and proteins. Besides, prioritizing your overall wellbeing will also significantly control hair loss or thinning.

Finally, stay calm and make smart choices!