If hair experts are to be believed, balding or hair thinning in men is a reality sadly ineluctable as it happens to 80 percent of men. Even with the immense power of money and network, celebrity men like Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, John Travolta, Daniel Craig (the list is long), are not immune to hair loss and baldness.

Of all the reasons acting behind hair thinning, smoking is apparently the most common one as skin care specialists say 65% of men that smoke have a greater risk of hair loss.  Since most men still smoke, the best way to approach hair thinning is by agreeing that many of you are going to experience it at some point of time.

That said, thinning or balding hair can meddle with your confidence and take away the sheen from your personality. While there are countless products for hair-volumising and preventing hair loss, the best thing for you would be to find the trending hairstyles for men with thinning hair.

But we will come to that later. First let us tell you about are some other essential things to do, not to do or keep in mind, if your hair is thinning -

·        Don’t wash hair too often as hair products are generally filled with moisture-stripping ingredients which can cause further damage to your hair.

·        Try to quit or at least reduce smoking.

·        Growing long hair to compensate for lack of fullness only addresses the issue for a time being. If thinning is happening all over, a shorter cut will make it less conspicuous and will also make it appear voluminous.

·        Opt for a less- or zero-shine hair paste while styling. It is a thumb rule for balding hair to stay away from gels or products with shine, as it can make the thinning hair stick together, revealing your bald area more vividly.

·        Take a coin-sized blob of your hair-paste in your palm, and apply it to your hair. Do this exercise by moving the fingertips and finally your palms back and forth, right from the back and going downward, rapidly. This will help in uniformly distributing the paste and preventing a lot of the product from sticking to your thinner strands up front.

·        Avoid doing the comb over.

·        The moment you see the first instance of balding, take immediate measures to avert further damage. Start by changing your chemical shampoos to organic ones, if that does not help; consult a hair expert or a dermatologist.

As for styling your hair, we have gathered some cool styling options for you depending on your thinning pattern.

Here goes –

Flip to the side

If you’re going bald up front, flip the hair to one side rather than keeping it forward. This will cover the balding while giving your hair an appearance of fullness.

Sweep back

If you have a monk-like bald patch at the crown of your head, by all means sweep back your hair and keep the fringe long, as it will give height at the front and hide the thinning patch at the back.

Go messy

Messy or unkempt hair is the rage for the current balding gentry, especially the ones with front baldness. The tousled look endows a look of fullness at the top and makes the hair look thicker.

Wear it forward

Grow long hairs on the top to wear it forward while keeping it short at the sides and back. Works best for men with receding hairline.

Fade it

If you want to make your hair on the top appear thick go for an undercut and/or fade hair styling. This styling pattern is suitable for men who still have hair at the front and who can afford to flaunt an à la mode style at workplace.

Balding is normal. Stay calm and be a badass bald!!