"I am no longer interested in coming with you for the Ooty trip", said Rahul to his partner Riya while tearing the tickets that he had booked a couple of months ago. Riya frustrated with Rahul's act, walked away from the room and decided not to talk to him anymore. Rahul, an investment banker, was struggling with his job as his organisation was about to layoff many underperforming employees.

Unable to cope up with the work stress, Rahul had distanced himself from Riya, which had led to constant arguments and misunderstandings between the couple. Eventually, Rahul and Riya's sex drive was doomed. One day Riya was chatting with her friend about how Rahul's weird behaviour and loss of libido was making her anxious. That's when her friend shared some links on depression and asked her to go through a couple of YouTube videos by Sebastian & Millicent.

Riya thanked her friend and realised that her anxiety and Rahul's depression was one of the main reasons for their reduced sex drive. Riya decided to communicate with Rahul openly about how she needs their sex life back on track and how they both can support each other to establish a long-term and happy relationship. Riya assured Rahul that with proper care and love, they both could overcome anxiety and depression.

Believing that "Sex is in mind", both the partners worked on their sexual thoughts and feelings that made their bodies experience an increased sex drive. As a coping mechanism, they ensured to follow a good diet, high-quality sleep and develop a positive outlook in life. To make Rahul feel more worthy about himself, Riya started appreciating him even for his small wins. She encouraged him to communicate with her, family members or his trustworthy friends to get rid of all the negative thoughts that were bothering him.

Riya also expressed her desire to engage in intimacy often to overcome her body image issues. Riya and Rahul promised each other to spend quality time whenever they get free time from their busy schedules to explore different self-love experiences such as massaging, cuddling and everything that got them pleasure.

In time, both the partners overcame mental health issues and rediscovered the love and appreciation for each other.

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