We are now in the world that has man buns trending, so this could apply to you as well, but this beauty concept is a crucial subject either way. Ponytails are flattering, and people don’t think about it being harmful at all - what with how many other things out there that’s harmful? While this may be the case, there are also many complaints about hair loss, disregarding how improper hair styling could affect its growth. The last culprit that one could think of are ponytails.

In a setting where we are judged by utmost physical standards - which is not fair - people have taken trends at their mercy, from style motivation to style imitation. Hair products are more popularly known to cause hair concerns, but recently, there’s been talk about how hairstyles can be correlated to hair loss. The statements from generational folklore - your grandparents’ time - that say that ponytails can cause hair loss has been debunked - it isn’t entirely true. Some hairstyle habits can lead to hair loss; no one said ponytails specifically.

Here are a few ways that hair loss can occur due to hairstyling habits:

(1) Tight hairstyles:

The ones that hold your hair too tightly in place for way too long can affect the hair growth - it needs to breathe and be free sometimes. Styles like cornrows or braids tight to the scalp can cause hair loss called traction alopecia, which is permanent. It’s the repetitive pulling of the hair for long periods stunting growth because of damaged follicles.

(2) Hair extensions:

Hair extensions are usually used to increase hair aesthetic from volume to shining locks and should be rotated often. The weight of a certain type of extensions or the amount of it could pull on hair shafts, and enough of this can cause damage to follicles resulting in the halt of hair growth.

(3) Wet hair:

This is all too common for how much of repeated advice it is - hair when wet is vulnerable. Towels are even said to be damaging to hair because the friction can cause breakage. The fastest way to tie damp hair is a bun or a ponytail - how aggressive is that to freshly washed fragile hair? This causes breakage, which could stop hair growth.

In recent beauty momentum, out-of-place hairstyles like beach waves or messy buns may be the ideal “I’m in a hurry” style while runways and magazine dote scalp tight buns and DIYs on how to cover hair loss. The irony is that most people try to cover hair issues by introducing a styling habit that could damage their hair. It’s said (https://nationalhairlossassoc.com/do-ponytails-cause-hair-loss/) that it is better to sleep with your hair tied up loosely rather than in an open braid or loose bun.

So while ponytails are the least of your worries - except when they’re wet ones - the primary point is that choking hair follicles and damaging them leads to hair loss. Some hairstyles do that - don’t style your hair like that so often. If you have to strut a ponytail, we suggest a loose one.