Baldness affects nearly one-third of the population of the country. Though it is not a major illness, yet it can leave a person depressed and full of negativity. Please with a thin hairline and baldness often feel less attractive and have low self-esteem and confidence. Several factors affect the health of our manes. Be it the lifestyle or the environment, the diet or genetics, the reason behind unhealthy, thin and shedding hair can be anything. A lot of these factors are not in our control. However, with certain precautions and a proper hair care regime, the effects can be reduced.

Well, now if you ask me - how to keep your hair from shedding, I can give you a bunch of solutions like biotin, bhringraj, shikakai, etc. However, Japanese dermatologists claim that the most active ingredient to stop or slow down the process of hair shedding and baldness is eggs. This works on a simple theory. Our hair follicles have a high amount of protein and amino acids that determine the health and strength of the hair. Eggs being a rich source of protein, fatty acids and vitamins, help in maintaining the protein and amino acid levels in the follicles, thereby keeping the hair in the best of its health.

Eggs can be used as a dietary item or as an external application on the scalp and hair for its results. They are said to bring a natural shine in the locks and make its grip firm on the scalp. This leads to lesser hair fall. Another way in which eggs slow down balding is by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles to promote hair growth. They can be used externally and consumed as well. Eggs are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, regular application or consumption of egg helps restore the sebum of the scalp, preventing it from catching dandruff and other hair-related infections.

Incorporating egg in your daily diet can help you get all its benefits without much hassle. However, it is always preferred to apply egg as an external ingredient on the scalp and hair for maximum outcome. You can whisk a raw egg and apply it on the scalp. If you cannot bear the smell of a raw egg in your hair, you can mix it in a home-made hair mask. Make sure to wash off eggs from your hair with cold water. Using warm water can curdle the hair, making it hard to remove the egg from the scalp. Always apply it raw to the scalp or as an egg pack. It is advisable to use cold water to rinse off the hair, as warm water will curdle it, and it becomes hard to remove. Make sure to wash your hair with a mild shampoo afterwards.

Eggs can help you reverse your fast-paced baldness. However, if no positive results are visible, consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Apart from applying egg on hair, make sure you don't use greasy oils and harsh shampoos.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP