Wouldn’t you get tired if you had to eat the same food every day? Or say wear the same dress? Now the same applies to our relationships as well. After the initial spark, the fire starts sizzling out eventually with time, and we come to a point where our daily routine starts taking a toll on our relationship, making things seem a big bore! So mister, to cut things short, here are few ways in which you can fight that boredom in your relationship and bring that spark back into life :

1 Start seeing each other with a newer perspective:

Hasn’t fashion changed over the past decade or maybe the past seven years? It has. So might have your dressing style.

Similarly, you might have once loved pizza, but the day you tasted that mind-blowing Lasagna at the new joint, it has beaten pizza to top the list. So, as you can see, with years, our taste and preferences tend to change. The same applies to your partner, as well. So, start viewing your partner with a newer perspective by trying to find out what she loves to eat now, wear, or do. This will help you understand her changing preferences and perspectives, making her look all the newer and exciting to you!

2 Schedule activities of similar interest, together:

See, most people will recommend you to go on a date with your partner. But a regular date or dinner, might not be able to fuel that fire back, especially if you guys have had a little too long a gap between you. Instead, try some activity together, which would be interesting to both of you. Like for example, if you and your partner are both on the heavier side, start going to the gym together or start going on long walks or start helping each other lose weight in any way that you can think of! This will not only be beneficial for your health, but the time you guys are going to spend together doing this will add that much-required lost fizz to your relationship.

3 Add spice to the bedroom:

Sex is an integral part of your relationship, and spicing things up in the bedroom, will help add that spark to your relationship as well. Now come on, don’t be a bore, or better don’t assume the other person to be one! You might have gifted her well-cut diamonds, but try well-designed lingerie for a change! Women always love to feel and to be made to feel sexy. Compliment her body, her hair, her skin. Also, try things that will help you guys rekindle the fire in the bedroom, like taking a bubble bath together, an erotic massage, or just add some sex toys into your lives. This would go a long way in adding fun to your relationship.

4 Take an interest in each other’s activities:

Now you love riding, and she loves shopping! You don’t go shopping with her because you feel it’s a waste of time (leave apart the money) and she doesn’t like going on those long adventurous bike rides anymore. This is what makes things dull! Instead, on the contrary, it is a blessing if you and your partner are fond of different activities, as together, you get to do a lot! Go with her on shopping and try to take some interest in what she is buying or selecting. Compliment her when she comes out of the trial room, expecting at least an acknowledgment from you. In this pretext, you too might start liking shopping, well, if not in the whole, then at least some part of it! Similarly, encourage her to go out on a long ride with you, stop at a nice place for some good breakfast, have a hearty laugh, and go back home, feeling happy as a couple!

5 Keep the element of surprise alive:

Everyone loves surprises. Try to surprise your partner one day with a small gift back from work for her or maybe just flowers. On a Sunday morning, try cooking brunch in your style or make breakfast for her and keep it ready on the table as a surprise. Similarly, it would be great for you to come back home and find her all dressed and decked up in that new dress that you last bought for her, with your favourite meal ready to be served, cooked with loads of love. In short, keep surprising each other to keep the spark alive!