Healthy, thick and lustrous hair often seems like an unattainable dream. Especially when you have problems such as thinning hair and brittle hair. But did you know that an ingredient as readily available as eggs could be the answer to your questions? Not only do eggs help stop and prevent hair loss, but they are also excellent hair growth aid.

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Eggs are full of nutrients essential for strengthening hair, liker protein, minerals and Vitamin B. These nutrients, especially biotin (a Vitamin B family member), help stop hair loss by strengthening hair roots. Nutrients also help stimulate new hair growth by adding volume and thickening hair. Protein helps maintain hair and fats condition it, improving hair texture.

Benefits of using eggs in your hair

Although using raw eggs in your hair may seem unpleasant, the after-effects make the process worthwhile. This is how eggs benefit your hair:

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Eggs are an abundant source of protein and nutrients that serve as "hair food." These nutrients help increase the rate at which hair grows, promoting healthy new growth.

  • Discontinuation of Hair Loss

Nutrients also help stop hair loss by stimulating and nourishing the scalp, strengthening hair roots.

  • Better Hair Elasticity

The eggs are rich in lutein, which helps moisturize the hair and improve elasticity.

  • Seal and Heal Brittle Hair

Lutein in egg yolks also helps heal brittle hair, slow breakage and split ends while improving hair texture.

What part of the egg is beneficial for your hair?

When talking about which part of the egg is most beneficial for your hair, you should consider your hair type. If you have oily hair you must go for the egg whites, however, if you are the one with dry hair, the yellow gems are the best for you.

This is because:

  • The white of an egg is the richest source of protein. It also contains minerals such as niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which help hair growth. Although white does not condition your hair as much as its yellow equivalent, people with oily hair must prefer wearing the white, as it helps control oil production while nourishing their hair.
  • The yellow folk (yolk) is also rich in protein, but less than white. Instead, it is an abundant source of Vitamin B and folic acid, which is the most popular "hair food". The fat content of the yolk makes it an excellent conditioning ingredient, so it should be more preferred by people with dry hair.
  • Using the whole egg allows the hair to reap the combined benefits of light and yolk. This is ideal for you if you have normal or mixed texture hair.

Egg mask for normal to a mixed type of hair

1 whole egg

1 tablespoon olive oil/coconut oil


Beat the egg and olive oil in a bowl until you get the mixture of white and yolk. Apply the beaten egg to the hair. Make sure your hair is entirely covered by the mixture. Now leave for about 20 minutes.

Continue washing your hair with cold water until you get rid of the whole content. Do not use hot water, as it will cook the egg, and it will become impossible to eliminate the smell.

Condition your hair and let it air dry.

Use this remedy 1-2 times a week.

This hair mask will help condition your hair while maintaining the balance of the scalp oil. It will help nourish hair roots and strands, improve hair texture and promote healthy hair growth. Optionally, you can skip the use of olive oil as an ingredient, but the oil helps soften your hair and provides additional conditioning.

Egg mask for dry hair

Follow the same procedure, but use just the egg yolk (do not use egg white)

This mixture of olive oil and egg yolk is one of the most straightforward and most efficient treatments for hair conditioning. Not only will it make your hair soft and supple, but it will also nourish your scalp with essential nutrients for hair growth.

Egg mask for oily hair

Just like the above procedure take a tablespoon of olive oil, but this time you need to mix it with only the egg white. No yolks!

This hair pack helps control the oil while improving the texture and volume of your hair. The olive oil in the mixture will only help condition the hair without overloading it.

Don't worry about hair loss as long as you have eggs in your pantry. Growing hair to stay thick, healthy and strong is not as difficult as you think. With a little extra care, you'll have your dream hair in just a month!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP