You must have heard of the Yin and Yang about the ancient Chinese culture. It states that everything in this world is controlled by cosmic duality — which can be complementing or opposing forces. In the same way, men too have both sets of masculine and feminine energy. This ratio is not stagnant and changes over the years. Factors that impact this ratio include hormones, relationships and even seasons.

It’s a myth that your natural gender defines these traits. Regardless of your gender, every man and woman on the face of this earth has both attributes within themselves. So the quote “being in touch with your feminine side” is not a farce for men. Let’s understand some of the feminine and masculine energy traits:

Feminine side

Associated with water, your feminine side or energy is connected with elements of water. It is flowy and adapts easily. This energy is often linked with the moon because it has a strong association with the cycle of nature — and is quickly impacted by it. In this reference, manifestation dominates the feminine energy.

Once you have the picture of something in your mind, you tend to flow into a pattern and aim to get the same. This is what makes the feminine side of you, innovative and creative. Of course, the feminine side also has a strong bent of mind towards emotions and communication. Without talking and having conversations, emotions are not able to move smoothly across the body and mind. And this leads to stagnation and restricts emotional growth.

Masculine side

The masculine side of you includes elements like the fire — which is best known for being active and has a strong emphasis on intellect, logic and getting things done or somewhat actionable. This energy is referred to or linked with the sun. Masculine energy is associated with goals and direction in life. Often, channelised on linear thinking — this energy is more focussed on logic rather than intuition (feminine energy).

Do I use both energies?

Unknowingly, you do use both the energies and one cannot function without the other. Both energies are imperative for the body and mind to work.

Here are some ways to harness these energies for your betterment:

Embrace this polarity

Don’t be in denial and say that you cannot have both these energies — that’s going against the law of the universe. And you should embrace and accept this trait in your partner too.

Appreciate don’t criticise

Don’t be a critique — learn to appreciate the uniqueness in your partner and support them. Small things like your partner’s caring habits or folding your clothes neatly in a pile just deserve a thank you with a smile.

Harvest on your strong, unique points

Every man has some feminine points, which are their unique traits. It could be intuition or knack for conversation. Incorporate this and celebrate your strong attributes. Doing so will help you grow professionally and personally.

It’s time to enjoy this gift of nature and leverage on the qualities you have!