Menopause is a crucial time in every woman’s life. The significant hormonal fluctuations during menopause can trigger symptoms like excessive mood swings, hot flushes and sexual issues. Though these symptoms are common and natural, it severely affects the relationship and sex life of a couple.

Women do step out of the box to balance this body change and their relationship but a lot of times, this juggle leaves them stressed. At such a situation, a supportive and understanding partner is all that she needs and wants. With a little more patience and certain minor changes, you can restore that lost sexual spark and the body-positive attitude your woman might be missing post-menopause.

There are countless ways that can help you continue having a great sexual life post her menopause. A right combination of sexual, biological and psychosocial factors positively influence the sex life after your woman’s menopause.

  • Encourage her to stay healthy - Your woman’s physical health vastly influence her sexual function. Staying healthy is a crucial aspect of her post-menopause life. Help her eat a balanced diet and indulge in an active lifestyle.
  • Help her treat her menopause symptoms - Your woman’s health needs change in her menopausal period. Keep yourself knowledgeable about her hot flushes and mood swings. Encourage her to take hormone replacement therapy or other related treatments.
  • Accompany her to the doctor - Your emotional presence can work like a charm in your sexual life with your partner. By accompanying her to the doctor for her visits. Not only will it make your woman feel supportive, but the doctor can help you in understanding how her menopause symptoms are affecting your relationship.
  • Talk to her about her sexual dysfunction - For a better sexual life post-menopause, you need to talk to your partner about her changing sexual feelings. Your woman can either experience loss of libido or increase in sexual desires. In both situations, she needs to have a transparent conversation with you.
  • Pamper her emotional health - Menopause triggers emotional upheavals in women which ultimately influence her sexual function. Talk to her about these changes and give her emotional side your special attention by spending more time with her, helping her do things that interest her, etc.
  • Compliment her menopausal body - Your woman’s body visibly changes after menopause. This makes her feel less beautiful and confident. And the underlying reason for this is social trends, stereotyped images regarding females bodies, her insecurity towards your interest in her, etc. By loving her like any other day and showering compliments a little more often can help her feel body positive again.
  • Change your sexual life - Aging affects the sexual feelings of both men and women. After menopause, a woman takes longer than usual to get aroused. This needs you to give more time to foreplay and incorporate new ways in your intimacy routine.
  • Don’t stop being sexually active - Sexual stimulation results in vaginal elasticity and promotes better sexual function in women post their menopause. This instructs her to be sexually active either through penetration or masturbation.

Every couple’s sexual life changes differently in the menopausal period. With the help of these tips and certain self-acquired ideas, that work specifically for your woman, you can help her live her best life post-menopause and keep your intimacy alive.