‘The thrill’ can be found anywhere, either from what you see or what you listen to. So when it comes to some erotic aural sensual pleasure along with loads of information, how about sex podcasts? You would be surprised to know; many people get more sexual pleasure listening to or reading something erotic than actually watching the same. And also, listening gives you more privacy anytime anywhere than having to watch stuff on your mobile or laptop. These podcasts range from sex tips to advice from experts, to stories involving swinging in marriages to some hilarious goof-ups! Here are 7 best podcasts that are worth downloading and subscribing to, for a little more intense advice, fun and erotic pleasure, for your bedroom times!

Bawdy Storytelling:

As the name suggests, this is a storytelling podcast in which authors, actors, poets, comedians, and even general people are invited to share their story. I mean to share their horniest stories! These stories are not only enthralling but extremely engaging as well. It’s good to hear people open up about their stories on sex, honestly and sincerely. Although you might not get any instructions here, you still learn so much listening to others and their real-life experiences. You can try with episode 37; Love isn’t blind.

The science of sex podcast:

Hosted by Zhana Vrangalova, who is a New York-based sex researcher (PhD) and educator, this show busts many popular myths around sex, which are actually known to have ruined lives. Every week, on the show, a sex scientist is invited, by Vrangalova and co-host Joe Pardavila. The topics included are vast and varied; the best part being, everything is explained in a scientific way by the guest himself. This is definitely a show not to miss out on.

Shameless sex:

Co-hosted by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, this show is sure to teach you something about sex, that maybe you didn’t know of. If sexual pleasure and information is what you are looking at, then this is the right podcast to listen to. The co-hosts cover topics from as basic as masturbation to as deep as asexuality and the topics are not only informational but extremely illustrative! So from information on how to become dominant in the bedroom, to the type of lube to be used, this show should definitely be in your list of favourites!

Sex With Strangers:

This is a unique podcast, where you view sex through various cultural lenses. In this, you follow your host Chris Sowa, as he travels around the world, looking into geo-specific and universal sexual mores. His topics are quite different and varied like sexual politics, sex party, love hotels in Tokyo, to name a few. If you are looking to see sex from a global diversity point of view, this is the best sex podcast for you.

The Manwhore Podcast:

If you are the one who keeps pondering on your past relationships and sex life, wondering what happened, what did not, and why, then you can’t afford to miss out on this one. Hosted by Billy Procida, he started this show because he really wanted to find out why would girls sleep with him, yet not date him! Although this show includes ex-girlfriend interviews and relationship postmortems, it also includes a variety of fresh and interesting topics like porn copywriter! An exciting episode to listen to would be one in which he tells about his interview with a masseuse while getting a handjob!

Turn me On:

This is a show which is different from the others that do take a more conservative look on marriage and relationships. It is co-hosted by a couple Jeremie and Bryde, who identify themselves as a married, poly couple! The episodes are interesting and intelligent to the core, including sex and disability, the gender binary and threesomes as well!