Sex is an exciting thing, for something meant to be so private, it’s publicity has given it quite a reputation. It may be so that sex is expected to be good, but realistically speaking, that is not always going to be the case. An intimate relationship takes work and communication, a mature approach. Although, physicality seems to be tabloid-worthy these days and the size of a penis has been discussed on too many platforms - tea parties, sports events, girls night out, men’s locker rooms, best friend phone calls… and more. It would be incorrect to say that there is no average penis size because specific sizes could indicate medical concerns, but there isn’t an ideal size. An ‘ideal’ anything is what a gender idealistic society has literally made up - and really, why does anyone other than you and your partner need to know what’s in your pants?

Women have preferences, and so do men, and while the talk of the town are large penis’s, the focus isn’t just on how good they are but how some men don’t know how to use it. That right there should tell you size should not matter - also, science said so. Men often worry about if the size of their penis will affect their pleasure-giving abilities leaving them anxious and insecure. A bigger penis does not always mean better sex, and there are lots of other reasons why sex may not be right, other than the small penis.

A study ( in PLOS One Journal talked about a study that interviewed 75 women, all sexually active. They were shown 33 penis models made from blue plastic to eliminate racial bias and were asked about the penis size they’d prefer for a one-night stand and a relationship. The results: for a one night stand, average size erect penis was at 6.4 inches and 5 inches in circumference, for a long term relationship, the average size was an erect penis at 6.3 inches with 5.8 inches in circumference. Both the results are only ‘slightly bigger than average’

Besides the fact that there are many studies out there, to prove the lack of ideal penis size and the necessity of it, women have said so themselves. As egotistical as it may seem, men are concerned with the fact that they can’t please their partners because they don’t have a big penis, but the women are telling them it doesn’t matter - so point, made. Speaking with your partner about sexual preferences from foreplay to penetration is the adult way to approach a fragile relationship milestone. Communicate what you like and don’t, when to do things and when not to, and how to do them - it will help with the passion and intimacy of a relationship.

People are raw beings and parts that were put in place to deem man from woman need to work well. Demeaning a part of the body that has to uphold a gender’s reputation won’t do any good, working on how to better your sex life with your partner in tow might do wonders.