Gifts, dinners, and passionate sex – in any order, is what can make your Valentine’s day memorable. How about bringing in some naughty games to add fun to your night. Think sexy games, and strip poker is your first bet. But come on, Misters, how many couples have a poker set or can play poker? This is precisely the reason we’ve got a few easy games that can get your Valentine night soiree sizzling.

Thumb fight: No game board, no set-up. Just you and your partner, obviously the thumbs and lots of clothes. Don’t sulk. You’ll need clothes when you begin this game as it is going to be your version of strip poker. Each time a person loses, they strip for their partner. What’s interesting is the proximity when you really get in the fight mode! You might end up kissing more than playing the game. Hence, FOCUS! (on whatever you think is more fun :P)

Card game: Get your deck of cards and assign each with a reward. For instance, clubs can mean kissing, diamonds can mean massage, hearts can mean oral and more. Get creative. Now the numbers will indicate how many times you need to do the activity. Sweating already? What if you get a 10 of hearts?

Dice game: Get a dice or sneak one from the board games of your kids or children around. Your partner has to call out a number, roll the dice, and if it is right, you have to strip or do what they ask. Take turns and try to seduce each other to up your game.

Rock, paper, and scissor: You know the game. The winner can ask anything from the loser. Think massage, some foreplay moves, blindfolding, and more. You can even ask your partner to freeze while you tease them for 30 seconds or a minute. This one can really get the temperatures soaring.

Blindfold and act: Blindfolds are an exciting part of foreplay. Here’s a unique way to use them. Blindfold your partner. Kiss them on any body part you wish, for instance, the navel. Your blindfolded partner has to kiss you back right on the navel without touching you. If they do it right, you get blindfolded.

These games don’t just spice up your bedroom antics but also help you get more comfortable with each other. Also, they prepare grounds for a long session of foreplay where your lady love is already aroused when you get under the duvet.