A healthy diet plays a very important role for a healthy sex life. Of course there are a lot of other factors that do have a role to play but most important is what you eat. Junk foods and food rich in oil, increase the risk of the blood vessels getting blocked with fat and cholesterol. This prevents the blood from flowing to the penis resulting in a flaccid penis. An unhealthy diet is one of the major reasons for heart diseases, high blood pressure and other ailments.

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Recent studies have suddenly put the spotlight on having nuts as part of a healthy diet plan. A regular intake of nuts is known to improve your sex life. Though high in fat, nuts are known to boost immunity and help in weight loss. They are also credited in managing diabetes and controlling cholesterol.

The first such study [1] on the effects of nuts on sexual health was published in the American Journal of Nutrition. During the course of the study, 119 healthy men aged between 18 and 35 years were split into two groups. One group was fed the normal western-style diet supplemented by sixty grams of nuts. The other group known as the control group was fed normal western-style diet devoid of nuts. Semen and blood samples were collected from the test subjects before and after the study. In comparison to the control group, the normal group showed an increase in the consumption of total fat, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, poly unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamin E intake during the course of the study. The study also concluded that the men who included regular intake of nuts in their diet saw significant improvement in their total sperm count, vitality, motility and morphology of the sperm.

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In an extension to the above study, researchers studied [2] the effect nut-mixed western-style diet had on erectile and sexual function. Eighty-three healthy males diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and aged 18-35 were split into two groups. One group was fed western-style diet supplemented with 60g of mixed nuts over 14 weeks while the other group was fed western-style diet devoid of nuts. At the end of the study period, the result suggested that a healthy diet that was supplemented with mixed nuts significantly improved erectile dysfunction and also increased sexual desire.

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In another study [3], 215 men and women with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes were administered Mediterranean diet (that are rich in nuts) or a low-fat diet over a period of 8 years. Though there were no adverse effects noticed in the test subjects in either of the groups, a Mediterranean diet had significantly reduced the deterioration of sexual function over time in both the sexes who were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

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An unhealthy diet among many other things is known to ebb your libido. Studies have shown that including nuts like pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts which are rich in anti-oxidants and arginine (the precursor of nitric oxide), is known to increase your libido and also improve erectile functions, sperm count, its vitality and motility.

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