"Lack of sleep may lead to poor sex", according to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

While the participants in the study were in their 60's, it seems like a good idea to have another reason to clock in some solid sleep for all.

Depending on one's age seven hours is good and if you regularly do eight, well, you are a winner. And if you are clocking ~9 hours regularly then all I can say is, "get outta here!"

Good sleep just does not help with better erections but seems to have some co-relation with increased desire as well.

Here's some general gyan on how you could sleep better:

A. Don't drink. Well, not every day. It might help you go to sleep but quality-wise it's not that great.

B. Watch the caffeine. Maybe not have any after 4:00 PM?

C. Have a bedtime unwinding ritual. Whatever works for you, man, but watching Netflix or YouTube is just way too stimulating. Read, listen, that sort of thing.

And just in case you are wondering how your sex life stacks up...here, a handy quiz that you can complete in four minutes!