"There seems to be an important link between talking about sex with your partner, and having great sex", according to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

Couple of things about the study:

A. It is a meta study, which means that it analyses data from research done by several people separately (48 such researches in this case)

B. The finding is co-relational so open to the cause-and-effect point. As in, it may mean that people who have great sex, talk about it with their partners, rather than the other way around.

But listen, in case those points seem sufficient to you to not talk about sex then you're not looking at it right. More information is better, and when it comes to sex, what one likes most is often not expressed. So, you have to find out. And there's little point in being all Sherlock about it and trying to infer it when you could just talk. Talk! Find out! Act on it! And be an awesome lover...

And just in case something else is getting in the way of being an awesome lover, we have got you covered. Click away, my friend!