Are you gearing up for some fun bedtime with your partner? Well, it is natural to get excited thinking about your romantic encounters and steamy sessions. This makes you impatient as it becomes difficult to wait until the night. You will be fully charged up and probably go straight wild. Sex is pleasurable and passionate, but it can also turn into a nightmare. Did you know that your horny hormones might even put you at risk causing a range of sex-injuries?

Sex can cause injuries too

Now, do not be panicked. Which activity of your daily life would not cause you any harm or damage if not performed cautiously? Even excess water can tamper your system. All you need to do is have control over your mind and body. As per the survey conducted by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, around 450 cases of sex-injuries were registered over a tenure of 6 years. Since this issue is not common, nobody wants to face the embarrassing moment explaining the doctor about the mating circus. You and your partner must take precautions so that your hanky-panky sessions do not twirl and put you in medic care.

Common sex injuries you are prone to

Penile fractures

Your penis is not as hard as a rod that you can play jiggle and waggle with it. Though your penis does not comprise of bones, you can still break it. This is known as “Penile Fracture,” where the membranes around your core penis tear up. The core of your penis holds up the blood, making it erect. The torn membrane will leak out the blood into the rest of the penis, making it swell up and even lead to bruises. This type of injury is often caused when you apply force or pressure on your penis during your nookie sessions. Also, you can suffer an injury when your partner accidentally slams on you during the cowgirl position without noticing that your penis has slipped out.

Masturbation injury

A lot of men tend to become hyperexcited, pumping their penis, and this could lead to having a penile injury. It can also cause skin rashes or lacerations making it all the more painful. So, do not be in a hurry. Take your sweet time with your junior and have pleasure without exerting too much force.

Vaginal tears

Often a common injury, it does sound scary. During intercourse, your genitalia friction due to rubbing could tear her vagina if it is not lubricated. It can also cause burning sensations, itching, or pain. To prevent this, always ensure to lubricate her well and use plenty of foreplay for arousal.

Sexually Transmitted or Urinary Tract Infections

While you are enjoying your kinky session in bed, some bacteria might travel into your private parts, leading to infections. This could be diseases like herpes, syphilis, urinary tract, or yeast infections. Hence, it is always necessary that you urinate after sex to flush out the bacteria and wash your private parts to avoid any chance of getting infected.

Rug Burns

When your arousal is at the peak, you might get on to doing in the right on the floor or carpets. This not just adds fun and spices up your sex life; it could also lead to some pretty rug burns or body pains, especially to your back, buttocks, and knees.

Restraint Burns

You might want to try some mild BDSM techniques like tying your partner to bed with ropes, cuff links, scarfs, or neckties. Hold on, as sexy as it sounds, it could be uncomfortable for your partner. Your sexcapades could jeopardize your lovemaking session as your partner may suffer bruises and burns with improper items used to tie her up. If you have such fantasies, invest in some good quality restraint materials.

Head blows

Being wild is exciting and extremely pleasurable. But hold on, while your hungry Lion is about to attack, you might end up hurting yourself or your partner. There are risks like slamming into the wall, slipping in the shower and hitting your head. So, don’t let your hunger eat your pleasure. Try to be a little gentle and careful.

Back Injury

Back injury is one of the prevalent sex injuries, and this can be a nightmare. It does not just force you to be hooked to your bed for rest, but also affects your day to day activities.


You might be a wild beast and your partner a wild cat going all fierce with each other. Biting and sucking with such fiery sex could lead to you having hickeys and marks. They can sometimes be so prominent that it might lead to bruises and painful situations. Spanking is also one such similar activity that men love to do, but beware that there is a certain tolerance level of the body to withhold the pain and experience pleasure.

When things are stuck down there

To spice up your sex life and full fill, the fantasy of filling up all the holes could just end you up in trouble. You might want to slide in your penis in her vagina along with some tools like a hairbrush, beverage bottles, or cell phones in her anus or vice versa. But it is not at all a pleasurable act. You might end up injuring her private parts and rushing for medical help. If you do not want the entire emergency ward to become a laughing stock, get yourself and your partner a good sex toy that could be used both for anal and vaginal pleasure.

Sex life can be exciting and spiced up if you take all the precautionary measures to avoid hurting yourself or your partner. This is required for protection from sexually wild expeditions. Enjoy your fantasies and desires but, at the comfort of your partner. Sexual injuries are not just painful and embarrassing; it may also halt your daily schedules.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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