Relationships in this day and age have become harder to sustain simply because of the different stressors present. Whether a live-in relationship or a long-distance one, schedules have become harder to coordinate. Mix that with the responsibility of health, that of a family, education and a career, and your relationship sometimes may tend to take a back seat. Spicing it up is an option, and sexting falls under that category.

Young adults have the added pressure of starting out in life from new cities to new homes and promotions with kids. Things get hectic and sometimes the ominous routine lull seems to suddenly be prominent. Dealing with the pressure of society to focus on materialistic things to secure a viable future, relationships - especially romantically established ones - tend to suffer.

Whether a new relationship or one that has past decades, sparks end up being small fumes instead and couples search for ways to make things exciting. While some satisfy fantasies and role-play, others gravitate to delayed gratification with mild sexting. Some young adults may look at this as them regressing to high school days, but the truth is that couples usually tend to feen back for those simpler days - where the excitement and honeymoon phase was all butterflies.

Sexting is a form of trusted communication that brings a sense of nuisance romance. The process of rebelling against this fake idea that engaging in sexual texts or photos is bad is where some excitement derives from. This can help develop simple sparks that can turn a boring routine sexual endeavour to a most anticipated one, which can help relationships that are looking to go back to the days of stress-free long nights.

If you think about it, it’s not the digital age that brought the art of sending sexual messages to partners. This trick has been in the books for ages, it’s just that now, there are many more means of doing it.

It is also important to point out that sometimes, your significant other or you may feel embarrassed to ‘talk dirty.’ Sexting is, of course, personal, so consent and comfort will always matter. But, it’s not embarrassing, it’s a way to spice up a relationship, let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. It invokes feelings of need and wants, which is vital in relationships.

Sometimes entering waters never stepped in before helps couples open up about their desires and fantasies. Exploring a relationship through potent passion is definitely a step forward, we would say.

Most couples usually start off texting, whether the relationship is new or old. They may be mildly erotic texts that progressively get interesting, but most couples also stop sexting once they’ve passed to the comfortable stage of their relationship. Suddenly, washing dishes and folding laundry becomes more important than a ‘Netflix and chill’ night, and that can lead to a lot of resentful feelings. Communication is key, sexting and otherwise.

If you decide that your relationship could do with a little spice, speak to your partner about it. Feedback in these situations goes a long way because if you know what turns your partner on, you’d know what to deliver - in texts and in person. It also helps build intimacy, and trust because private pictures and conversations are for the two of you. So never skip the face-to-face conversation before you send the sexual innuendos using emojis.