Sexting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can master the art of it, it is one of the most erotic ways to get her wet, without having to take off your clothes. Ahem, if you know what I mean, then you are on it already! Also, experts suggest that sexting is not only a great way to try out your feelings for someone, but in case you are in a long-distance relationship, then sexting helps to maintain that sexual closeness as well. So Mister, if sexting is something you love or want to give it a shot, here are some tips that would help prevent you from making sexting mistakes while hitting the nail on the head, at the same time!

1 The time it right:

You wouldn’t want to try sexting someone with whom who haven’t gone on a couple of dates or where you haven’t expressed at least that mutual attraction or sexual interest for each other. It means start texting when you are already walking down that path. You needn’t necessarily have had sex with her, but at least the interest should be there. Also, be careful of the time that you select. Sexting her during an important meeting, might sound exciting but will prevent her from giving her full attention to both. Better, ask her what she is doing and then start dropping your sexting bombs!

2 Set the tone the right way:

You wouldn’t want to go too fast here and neither too slow. Sexting a girl out of nowhere might scare her or catch her off-guard. A great way to set the tone for a sexual conversation is through misinterpretation. Read carefully what she writes and try to imply a sexual connotation to it, making it appear like she is the one being sexually suggestive and you are just the innocent young man here. Like if she suggests catching up over drinks, reply casually saying that sounds interesting, but what if I get drunk? Will you be able to handle me?” This is a smart way to stay safe while judging what’s on her mind. If she gets the hint, and she likes it, she will follow soon!

3 Start small:

“I saw you in my dreams last night’ is a perfect example of how to start small. Dream doesn’t mean it had to be erotic, but it gives her ample cues to what you have on your mind. If she asks you what did you see in your dreams, you can reply by saying something safe like ‘I will tell you later, but it was amazing’. To cut it short, draw out the conversation to build anticipation. Definitely avoid highly sexual language when you start, because you both need to be on the same track for that and that takes time.

4 Foreplay:

Yes, it’s just like foreplay works wonder for in-person sex, it works here as well. Build up the mood slowly. Try to remember what all she likes during real intimate moments. Focus on them. Like for example, if she loves to move her fingers through your hair, tell her how you wish you could feel her close to you right now, and she could be running her fingers through your hair’ or ‘how you long to take her lips in your mouth, savouring them’. In short, say things that you know are going to turn her on.

5 Be vivid and creative :

Good sexting is all about being descriptive and creative. There is so much that you can do here, which you might not have ever tried in real life. Like playing bondage, blindfold, anal, to name a few. Also be as descriptive as you can, like ‘first I will unhook your skirt, then….’ let her visualize and imbibe it in slowly. Remember, women take more time to get turned on than men. So the slower, the better.

6 Build up the mood for the real act:

This is one thing you would love sexting for. Building up a mood for the anticipation of more. If you are planning on some action in the night, start sexting from the morning. Keep her curiosity on and her wanting a little more of it. After all, if you can make her wet at work, it is just a matter of time that she would be back home and wanting more from you, now in the bedroom!