Fantasizing sex positions or places to do it is quite common among sexually active adults. Having roleplays and trying out different positions or places than the usual, spice up your sex life. Such desires arouse you and boost your sexual drive. Many find it interesting to explore at the same time, many, restrain from doing so because of their consciousness. They end up doing the regular military-style always.

Shower sex is a fantasy for many, kinky to imagine but not so easy actually to gather the courage to pitch for it. It may seem sexy to see the couples in pornos or movies have sex in shower, but the reality can be different. Why? It can be slippery, dangerous or uncomfortable. If you are a couple with a strong desire to explore and have fun, then, here’s the good news! All you need to do is to work out the right way to have shower sex. If you are looking for tips for shower sex and want to enjoy your steamy sessions without any hiccups, this is for you.

Silicone-based lubes

Water-based lubes, get washed away in water; hence it is recommended to use silicone-based lubes. Lubes are necessary because no matter how horny or wet your partner could be, the water in the shower could create a plight for you both. Having a lubricant could help you easily penetrate and avoid pain.

Support platform

If you have a bench or a platform that can be used to balance your moves, use it. It helps you to keep yourselves stable and avoid tripping over the wet tiles. Also, if the platform is a bit lengthy or big, you can try different positions like reverse cowgirl or doggy style.

Avoid shower heads facing towards your junior

During sex, you need a teensy bit of friction between your penis and the vagina to make it more pleasurable. Having the water facing towards your cock and her vagina will make you both lose the friction, and it gets sloshy. The best way to stand in the shower is by facing your back to the showerhead. It not only eases your game but also helps you avoid water hitting your face, which is the biggest mood off.

Toys are fun

Though sex toys sound exciting, if you are using them, ensure that you have got waterproof toys to avoid damage. Toys help you unlock new dimensions of sexual pleasure; it makes your partner, and you reach the peak of arousal. Try to get yourself indulged in an erotic and pleasurable session infused with fun.

Advanced positions are a big NO

You might want to get wilder as you progress your lovemaking session in the shower. But hold on your horses! Know that you are not doing it in the comfort of your bed. Try all those advanced positions like hanging your partner over the bench or holding her up could lead you both into a traumatic injury. You might slip and worse, hit yourself with something hard. So, go easy and have smooth romantic sex.

Indulge and enjoy

Having shower sex gives you a wider view of yourself and your partner. If you have a big mirror in your bathroom, what could be better than watching yourselves naked and dripping while doing it? So, take it in! Indulge and enjoy the time. Ensure to adore your partner and feel good about it.

Its not the right place for rough sex

Of course, you might be the wild beast and your partner a wild cat. But save it up for your kinky sessions outside the bathroom. Going wild under shower could just end you both with broken bones or injuries.

Best for period sex

Is your partner feeling horny during her periods? Or you feel like doing it right then and not wait for the nanny to leave the house? Shower sex is the best option. It doesn’t make you or your partner dirty or get stained with blood. Sex during periods is a must-try provided your partner is comfortable to experiment with this.

End up in the bedroom

You need not reach climax right there in the shower. You could start with the foreplay, advance with hickeys and invoking orgasms. Move out romancing and yet drying up yourselves. Hit on to the bed and make out as you want. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy shower sex.

These tips can help you ease your worries in trying shower sex and making it a memorable session which you would want to work often. Just ensure to make your shower sex hot and not the water.

From awkward to awesome: have great Shower Sex!