Love certainly is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. However, it doesn’t always stay blooming till eternity. At times, love fades out from a relationship, making it toxic and suffocating. Okay, maybe you think that your relationship does not fall in the ‘Toxic’ list. But you never know. What you ignore as minor relationship issues might be alarming signs of a love-arrest you should not be in.

Below are the traits of a toxic relationship. Check how many tick-marks you get!

  • Lack Of Communication –

Communication is a fragile term with a varied definition in each eye. However, a generic aspect of healthy communication is discussion. No, I don’t mean discussion about your favourite movie or the big bang theory. Talk about where the relationship is going, the issues you both are facing. If there is a lack of discussion and instead of sitting and sorting it out, you and your partner find ignoring the issue more convenient, then your relationship might be heading towards toxicity.

  • No Sense Of Self-love –

Remember when you were actively looking for a partner. How confident and full of life you were. You knew your value and were aware of the concept of self-love and self-appreciation. Now that you are in a relationship, do you still feel the same way about yourself? If you said ‘yes’ congratulations, mate, you might have just found your perfect relationship. But if its a ‘no,’ then sadly, you are giving your energy in a toxic relationship. A relationship that makes you feel negative about yourself isn’t a relationship worth sticking too.

  • Jealousy Is Your Relationship’s Third Wheel –

A healthy and happy relationship does not have any space for insecurity, possessiveness, and resentment. If your partner is continuously jealous of your involvement with friends, family, colleagues, etc. and you have to alter other relations of your life according to your partner’s will, then your relationship is toxic for your mental and emotional health.

  • Your Circle Isn’t Sure About Your Partner –

Believe it or not, but your family and friends know a lot about you, sometimes, more than you know about yourself. If your parents, siblings and friends maintain a distance from your partner and are not sure about your partner’s presence in your life, consider observing him or her with scrutiny. You might notice something that can be harmful to you in the long run.

Keeping all these signs aside, what acts as a trigger point is your gut feeling. Somewhere deep down, your aura alarms you about the negativity that circles a toxic person, situation, and relationship. We often ignore it or are unable to sense it within time. But there is a key to every lock. By practicing meditation and indulging in self-enhancement activities, you can build a stronger connection with yourself. This will then signal you when a person, situation, or relationship is turning harmful for your emotional and mental health.

So if you find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship, you know what to do? Please remove your shoes, hold them in your hand, take a deep breath, and RUN!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP