Listen up, Guys! Women may be shy, or clueless, or mild to express the actual stuff about arousal to men, but they secretly wish their men to know these things. Other than performance, the bedroom is a stage for unmasking a few facts that help males learn what their woman is thinking. Here's a list of 7 things that men should know about female sexual arousal.

  • Women Respond to Compliments

Praises can work as active enzymes when it comes to sexual determination. Tell her "I like the way you keep so still while I am climaxing" or "Oh baby, you are amazing" to encourage her confidence. Be positive about her guts and other characteristics.

  • Women Acknowledge Arousal for Sex's Sake

"Throw-me-down-sex" is the appropriate solution for them. Women want their partners to savour raw sex, not just sustain it or take it individually.

  • Women Have Numerous Erogenous Zones

Other than the vagina! A gentleman should touch a lot of different places like the nipples, the inner thighs, and face. Also, stimulating the perineum will heighten pleasure during oral sex.

  • Women Encourage Fantasies

They might not say it for they fear embarrassment and judgement from husbands, but women wish men would reveal their imaginations. You must ask your woman about sexual fantasies and not judge her. If you're both comfortable with it, then give it a shot the next time.

  • Women Like Hand Job Better than oral sex!

It's time to give your jaw some rest! Trout out your talent and pick a bottle of lubricant.

  • Women Love to Watch You Masturbate

Do you know why? As it will enhance their oral sex skills. It is better to tell her rather than showing her how you want her to go down on you. This is the reason why she's asking you to play with yourself. See how it turns out your girl into a philanthropist.

  • Women See Arousal as a Triumph

Arousal should never be on the bottom rung in your long list of priorities. Oxytocin, which is known as the "bonding hormone," (released by orgasms) brings couples closer together. While it also reduces blood pressure, alleviates stress and anxiety, and promotes healing. Women always wish that men would take more of a 'carpe diem' approach to sex.