A relationship is considered to be 'healthy' only when both partners enjoy the partnership to the optimum level. A healthy relationship can survive life's challenges with grace if they have mutual understanding, respect, and trust for each other.

The definition of 'intimacy' may vary from person to person. However, the basic fundamental of intimacy is about breaking all the walls and being able to show your inner side to your partner and letting him or her in. Intimacy at a personal, emotional, and sexual level is possible only when the partners put continual efforts to care and love each other.

Here we discuss the key factors that go in building a healthy intimate relationship:

1) Accept your partner as he/she is:

Your partner may have both good and bad sides. It is upto you how you focus more on the right side of your partner and accept the flaws as it is. If your partner's imperfections are causing trouble to you, communicating it in the proper manner can help in creating a strong bond with your partner.

2) Appreciate the differences and uniqueness:

You and your partner may be similar in some aspects and different in many aspects. He may like Italian cuisine, and you may like desi food. Or she may want to make long-term plans, and you may love to go with the flow. Differences are bound to be there when two people from different backgrounds and upbringing live with each other in the new relationship. However, it is these differences that make your bond special compared to your other relationships. Instead of ignoring the differences, appreciating them would create a healthy bond between you and your partner.

3) Establish a satisfying sexual connection with your partner:

Understanding your sexual urges and communicating the thoughts to your partner in a transparent way can help you and your partner set realistic sexual expectations and develop a more fulfilling sex life. In case any sexual problems arise, instead of criticizing your partner or feeling hurt, you can discuss with your partner about the changes in your body and your thoughts on lovemaking. This will not only improve your sexual performance but also create a closer emotional bond.

4) Combine good habits with fun activities:

Good habits like the right diet, enough sleep, active lifestyle are a must for maintaining a sound physical and emotional health. But if you can be a little more playful on the bed and sensual in your lovemaking with your partner, it can be a great lead-in to satisfying sex. Take life easy, laugh, experiment with new positions, and explore some erotic content to make you both feel frisky.