Life is a bumpy ride, replete with ‘D’ words like distress, disorder, dysfunction, and in India, even ‘demonetization.’ At Misters, we are particularly concerned with dysfunctions related to sexual activities and have taken it up as the topic of our new blog.

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Sexual dysfunction can be loosely termed as improper functioning of sex organs in men and women. However, to be medically identified as sexual dysfunction, the syndromes have to cause distress and concern and must recur continuously for six months and at least 75% of times. Remember! Those who are happy without sexual encounters will not be considered having sexual dysfunctions even with conditions like ED, low libido, or vaginal dryness.

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As we age, sex-related problems become part of life and are normal. That said, the occurrence of such issues amongst younger people is a cause of concern and must be addressed with utmost urgency. Often stress, medications, hormonal imbalance, underlying diseases like blood pressure, and sugar or emotional trauma lead to sexual dysfunctions in young people. Do seek medical help if your problems persist for more than three months. Such disorders, if not treated, can potentially disrupt relationships.

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Dysfunctions differ in men and women. In this blog, we will enumerate the dysfunctions occurring in men and women.

Sexual dysfunctions in women

Sexual pain disorders

Women, at times, experience pain during intercourse making penetration bothersome or unfeasible.


· Pain in the vulva and uncontrolled contraction of pelvic-floor muscles at any effort towards penetration.

· Pain from vaginal dryness due to low estrogen post-menopause.

Desire or arousal disorder

In this condition, women struggle both with desire and arousal.


· Complete lack of interest in sex or having less desire

· No sexual fantasies or thoughts

· Dearth of excitement or sensation of pleasure and arousal

· No vaginal lubrication

Orgasmic disorder


· Trouble in reaching orgasms or delay in getting one, even after ample foreplay and stimulus

· Pain while experiencing orgasm

Sexual dysfunctions in men

Erectile dysfunction

ED or the inability to hold on to an erection till desired, though not common at a young age, is prevalent in nearly 40 percent men, aged between 40 - 70 years.

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· Cardiac diseases

· Blood pressure or sugar

· Cholesterol

· Surgery in the pelvic area or spinal cord

· Bodyweight

· Substance abuse, addiction

· Stress

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Sexual desire disorder

With age, men too struggle with desire and arousal and symptoms are similar to that of women.

Ejaculatory disorders

This condition affects both orgasm and ejaculation.


· Quick or premature ejaculation, i.e., men ejaculate before or right after penetration

· Ejaculation and orgasm getting delayed.

Addressing sexual dysfunction

Age is inevitable, and we cannot but accept the changes that age entails. Sexual dysfunction is no exception. However certain awareness and efforts can help you deal with age-related sexual dysfunction better -

· Awareness and acceptance of the changes

· Better understanding with your partner

· Exercises, like Kegel exercise, which is known to increase arousal in women.

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If the dysfunctions are affecting you at a young age, by all means, seek medical help. Also, for general sexual well-being, cut down on alcohol intake, choose a healthy lifestyle, and workout.