Be it the place or the whiskey, you feel you have had a wonderful date, and you both just can’t wait to get into each other’s skin. But as she waits eagerly for you and your little man to get into action, you find your little man just not raising his head. Pretty embarrassed, you try again and again, but the stubborn little thing won’t obey. Don’t worry. You are suffering from an episode of Whiskey Dick! Whiskey dick is the inability to get an erection after a night of heavy drinking. But how? Wasn’t alcohol supposed to be the one responsible for getting you into the mood in the first place? So how is it making things so difficult for you now? Alcohol indeed helps to lower your inhibitions, making you feel more relaxed, which in turn helps to increase your desire for sex and libido...but too much of it, also works as a depressant, which will lead to a decreased blood flow to your penis, thereby preventing an erection.

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Getting to the name of the problem, is it only whiskey that is to be blamed? No. Although popularly the name has been given as whiskey dick, it can be any alcoholic drink including shots, whiskey, beer or brandy, taken in excess. So if drinking in excess is the problem, then how much should you drink to keep your little guy down there on his toes ready for your command? Well, that totally differs from person to person. This is because there are plenty of factors that affect an individual’s reaction to alcohol, like metabolism, genetics, etc. While some might face the problem after finishing half a bottle of whiskey or rum, for others all it takes to feel tipsy would be a pint or two!

So although whiskey dick does end up getting the better of you, once you overdo your alcohol intake, here are the things that you can do to prevent and handle the situation:

1 Control and more control:

Your body knows how much you can handle and how much you cannot. If you have some hot plans for the evening ahead at the back of your mind, it is better to drink just enough to get that kick and stop when your body starts warning you. Otherwise, whiskey dick can get the better of you!

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2 Sleep tight, for the night:

Well, let’s be brutally honest. Once whiskey dick is there, your little fellow is not going to show any performance for the night. Any amount of cajoling, coaxing stimulation is not gonna wake him up from sleep. So just like any other hangover, the smart thing would be to go to sleep and let him rest as well. Instead what you can do is plan some good action for the next day morning, once the hangover is over and your little man is back into form and shape.

3 Enjoy sex, sans intercourse:

If you are not the one who is too manly to accept to your partner that little man is not up to his job, you can always make her sweat in other sensual ways including external stimulation, oral sex and plenty of foreplay. But still, however you look at it, it’s always good, to be honest. After all, it is the damn whiskey at fault, not you!

Better Erections with Misters Bold