Women dating and marrying a man with a vast age-gap has become a fad these days. Look at the celebrity couples - Shahid Kapoor - Mira Rajput, Saif Ali Khan - Kareena Kapoor, Kabir Bedi - Parveen Dusanj, Dilip Kumar - Saira Banu and many more. These couples' successful married lives have proved that there is no age difference rule between couples nowadays.

Here we decode the reasons why women prefer dating older men:

1) Age is just a number:

In the recent flick Darbar, megastar Rajinikanth and Nayanthara's romance was proving the fact that many women believe that age is only a number. A man's age has nothing to do when it comes to intimate and romantic relations.

2) Maturity is accepting imperfection:

Many women feel that a life partner need not have a perfect age or looks. All they want is a gold heart with a matured mindset, which they find in older men because of their wise way of handling relationships and overall life.

3) Financial security:

Many women look for a man who can take care of them financially as well as emotionally. So, they get attracted to older men having good years of work experience, bank balance and a settled lifestyle.

4) Breaking away societal stereotypes:

Many women do not abide by the societal norms set in the olden days. As women are getting educated and exposed to different cultures, they do not shy to be a rebel and break the age-gap stereotyping. All that matters to them is having a life partner with whom they can enjoy a good life.

5) Experience and mannerism counts:

Many women get attracted to older men because of their life's experiences which makes them more understanding and patient in dealing with every aspect of life. Older men do not get carried away with emotions and take rational, logical decisions. They also know how to conduct themselves in different situations, which makes them earn a brownie point among young women.

6) Serious relationships vs casual relationships:

Many women feel that getting into a relationship with an older man would lead to a marriage or a serious relationship. Being in a stable relationship with an older man is considered to be far better than being in a casual relationship with younger men who, according to many women, would take time to settle down in their lives. Also, older men know how to please women and respectably treat them, thus making women like them.