In the fast-paced life, we rarely get time for ourselves, and time for real-life dating is a far fetched dream. So, in these scenarios, an average homo sapien switches to the digital mode i.e., dating apps. These apps are designed with selective features which ensure that a user matches with other users who have similar interests. Well, thanks to the gender ratio, men generally have a tough time navigating through the app. So, here we are with tricks to upscale your digital dating game.

Don’t Fall for Cliche

‘So, why are you on this app?’, ‘What brings you here?’, etc. Please don’t fall for all such cliche questions. Everyone likes a personalized way, and women are way smarter to figure out your general approach, Plans may backfire, so prep up with some conversation starters such as - Where do you work? Which genre of books do you prefer? What is the cuisine you’ve weak knees for, etc.

Ask her out

So, are you looking forward to asking your woman out but don’t know how to execute it? Chill! We’ve got you covered. Women prefer a direct outlook to everything, ask her about her favorite restaurant or maybe wine and then tell her that you would love to accompany her to that particular spot. Don’t be cringy in your approach and go with the flow. Understand hesitations and simultaneously give some time to dissolve them.

What lies next?

Make sure that during the date, you’re not quoting any of the presumptuous facts or sugarcoated lies about yourselves. Be true to yourself, and her, this idea will help you both to explore every facet of each other’s personality. Your attributes make you unique, and wrapping yourself in some ambitious lies only dim your shine.

It may happen that you both can be looking forward to a similar idea, which may be pursuing a relationship or just going ahead with casual sex; the key is always to be aware of your partner’s choices. Don’t take someone’s consent for granted as it may bitter the lanes ahead. Ask her clearly about the course of your relationship and then make decisions mutually. Uninformed decisions can cost you a lot and might hamper your relationship beyond repair.

So, that’s all, folks! Get in the dating game today with all these ideas and remember above every thought, it’s crucial for both of you to be happy, sex or no sex is for you both to decide. Happiness and respect is the foundation of any strong relationship, so make sure your building stands tall and robust with the ideologies of mutual respect and consent.