From the moment you are born, hair follicles begin to form and continue to stay there for the rest of your life. Hair follicles are the ones that produce hair by combining old cells of the body - just simple science. Experiencing hair fall just means that the life span of hair has come to an end.

Men (not all) notice their hair falling or thinning from their teens up to their adult life, making it difficult to show off great locks. You're always concerned about how you may look or if there's a way to cover up the bald spots, as we all need some sort of acceptance and approval from society - it's no shame, it's a human thing.

Men usually go through male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia - the receding of the hairline on the sides and front of the scalp, which then continues to move towards the back of the scalp over some time. It's only men that go through this because males produce a sex hormone called androgens, which are responsible for reducing hair growth. The reason to why your hair might stop growing is - as science has it - because hair follicles shrivel up and stop producing new sprouts of hair, due to androgens. Genetics or a medical condition could be some of the causes behind hair loss, so heading to a dermatologist would be the best option - to get to the bottom of it.

For now, let's assume you've ruled out all medical causes of hair loss from a dermatologist and want to get your hair back. Fellas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - reversing hair loss is, in fact, possible.

There are a couple of natural methods that could be followed to help sprout hair growth.

1.    Diet: Adding a lot of iron and zinc enriched foods like spinach, tofu, dark chocolate, eggs, and fish - preferably shellfish - are some of the foods you could implement in your diet to help boost hair growth or re-growth.

2.    Aloe vera:Rub some aloe vera gel onto your scalp before a shower. This helps remove any dead skin or oils that might be blocking the hair follicles hence increasing the chances of hair growth. If you've got the plant at home, it'll save you the trouble of heading to a nearby store, so think about heading to the nearest plant nursery instead.

3.    Coconut oil: Rich in all sorts of fatty acids and vitamins, this gem of an oil should be your go-to option at all costs. It can be used both before a shower as well as after, so choose your pick and go coco-nuts.

Apart from these, there are a bunch of options that you can try to help kickstart your hair growth, such as, natural hair growth supplements, reducing stress, scalp massages, and reducing the gels or creams you use to style your hair. Head to a dermatologist to get a better insight as to what suits your hair best - professionals know best.