There’s too much made of the attractiveness of the rogue in popular culture. The idea that women like the generally uncouth, tough guy types seems to be more myth than reality. And this is not just me saying it. It is a paper that made it into the British Journal of Psychology, in 2017 that seems to substantiate the point.

Now, I know, dear reader, that expecting you to have a subscription handy to the British Journal of Psychology may not be exactly fair and so here’s the link to the abstract, which pretty much captures the essence of it.

Point is that altruism is rewarded in the evolutionary sweepstakes (AKA procreation). So, the next time you get that instinct to do something silly like picking a fight on the road with a driver who cut you off, or honking crazily at the car ahead, or being rude to a waiter during a date, remember that all of that is a quick and easy way to have less sex!

Hold the door for a stranger, say good morning to the person at the next table etc. You get the drift. Being generally nice is not too difficult, and the greatest reward—more sex—awaits you.

Of course if you are sorted on that front but something else getting in the way of ‘more sex’ then there’s to help you figure that out.