Hair loss is something that can drive anyone nuts. No one likes to wake up to see those strands on a pillow or in the shower. It is then that we resort to anything and everything under the sun, which we think will keep our hair in place. However, we also start believing in many ‘truths’ about hair loss, doing the rounds for many years! Yes, mister, like there are myths and facts about everything talked about, there are a hell lot of myths about hair loss and hair fall, that we are going to bust today! Read on to know what they are:

  1. The maternal side is to blame for baldness: We get our x chromosomes from our mother’s side, which are the culprit behind hair loss. However, that is not the case. One can get hair genes from both sides. Even if there is no history of hair loss from the mother’s side and on the paternal side baldness is prevalent, the chances of being affected are pretty bright!
  2. Shampoo makes for losing strands of hair: A big-time myth! Shampoo can only help clean hair and scalp. The loose hair during a wash has no link with shampoo whatsoever!
  3. More sex means more hair loss: No, absolutely not! Many feel that an increased libido or sex drive links to an excess of the hormone testosterone. However, that is not the case. An increase in testosterone does not lead to hair loss. Instead, hair loss relates to how hair reacts to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). So enjoy sexy between the sheets without worrying about hair strands falling out!
  4. Baldness comes with age: Not any more! Gone are the days when we could associate balding with men in their forties. Around 25% of men start suffering from male pattern baldness from as early as the twenties or the thirties, and the sooner it starts, the worse it gets! So once a receding hairline is observed, antennas should be up.
  5. Wearing a hat or helmet causes balding: No mister, we disagree! Hat or helmet has no role to play in hair loss, but a dirty or sweaty scalp might lead to scalp infections which increases chances of temporary hair loss. So even if one wears a cap frequently, it is good to give those strands some fresh air, once a while!
  6. Stress leads to hair loss: Well, both yes and no. While stress, anxiety might lead to some hair loss, this would be more of a temporary kind. Stress or anxiety has no effect on male pattern baldness, which is a permanent medical condition.
  7. Gels and Sprays can speed up balding: They can only style hair, not have any role to play in their staying or falling. However, yes, tight hairstyles like braids, man buns or using hot iron on hair, can damage the same and lead to hair loss.
  8. One can prevent hair loss:Well, one cannot prevent male pattern baldness. However, interventions through medications like finasteride and minoxidil may be an option. These meds are known to help stop further hair fall and even help in regrowth of hair in certain people suffering from pattern baldness. Nevertheless, they are associated with harmful side-effects. Hence, natural methods are increasingly preferred.

However, by taking care of hair and health, one can prevent temporary hair loss, which is more linked to scalp infections, dandruff, and usage of harsh chemicals.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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