Not the most sexy of parameters, but yes, couples who share housework have more sex! Now for the part that returning readers must have seen coming, there’s research to support this point, so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

Cornell University professor, Sharon Sassler shows in her paper, that when couples share similar tasks instead of conforming to gender stereotypes—man doing work outside the house, woman inside—they experience greater desire and have more sex!

So the next time the opportunity presents itself to cook dinner—and it may be presenting itself everyday—grab it, instead of making a joke about how you are not cooking because you can’t cook. Surely you can navigate your way to making some daal, and while you are at it, also some chawal. Doesn’t require you to become a chef. Just some basic discipline and maybe following easy-to-follow instructions from a YouTube video. Doing the dishes is even easier. Basically if you have read through to here, consider yourself trained!

Does not seem like a lot to do if the reward is more, and better, sex, is it?

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